Welcome to UNKNOWN MIDWEST. Let us introduce ourselves!


First off, thank you for visiting Unknown Midwest. This site is for those who are drawn to and want to find out more about things that seem more than just a little “out of the ordinary” in these central states we like to call home. You’ll find old and new fascinating stories that will pull you in and we ask that you join us as we attempt to solve these mysteries together. Both the veteran investigator and those that are new to the paranormal will find a home in Unknown Midwest. 

We’re family here and our research depends on accounts and stories shared from readers just like you. Please take a moment out of your day to share what you’ve seen with us and help us piece together the legends of the Unknown Midwest. 

Won’t you join us on our journey into the Unknown? Who knows where we’ll end up… a podcast, interviews, and field work are just some of the ways that we’re hoping Unknown Midwest will have a presence in your world.

Thank you for joining us.

Unknown Midwest

Andrew Peterson