Spirit Message


Ever since the age of four, I can recall experiencing many types of unexplained events, from incorporeal voices to out of body travels. During college and forward, I got involved in several paranormal groups, field investigations, and research.


Reading history, folklore, ancient mysteries, conspiracy theory, psychology, quantum physics, religious and philosophy texts remains a constant studious bent. Thankfully, as well as continuing to educate myself, I am balanced by educated skeptics. Instead of immediately assuming a cold spot in a house is a ghost or a sick to the stomach feeling is an evil entity, I recognize how copper pipes, running water, electrical boxes all can create concentrated EMF. 

Now, at 43, I have come to believe that everything is energy, and that spirit is at the core, with symbols and messages constantly being communicated. It takes a mixture of faith and sensitivity to interpret the symbols. If one is open, they will be well guided and learn to trust themselves. It takes centered grounding to ensure, when confronted with entities of other realms, one is well protected - which I learned the hard way! And, engaging with a like-minded group solidifies everything. After all, humans thrive on connection, communication, and sharing stories.

As an information professional and writer, by day, I learn much from what other people are willing to share about themselves and their experiences. I synthesize from all the bits and pieces to categorize, classify and understand. This morning, as I sat down to write, a rune stone was sitting on top of my laptop. Don’t ask me how it got there. A Nordic friend gave me a set of smokey quartz rune stones in 2001. Sadly, I have lost most of them over the years and rarely see them. But, this was not the first time that a stone or symbol has randomly shown up, screaming at me to pay attention to its message. This rune symbol just happened to be confirmation of something that I was already pondering. As I read an interpretation of the rune symbol, I realized that a week earlier, I had ignored another “message” – of the spirit kind. 

It had been two years since I had gone for a haircut and I woke up that day obsessed with changing my look. Much to my dismay, the salon I used to go to was closed. So I set to the task of finding a new place. The first salon I called was close to my home and could get me in immediately. Great! I dashed over. Hair unkempt. No make-up. A perfectly primped woman was walking out just as I approached. Everyone in the salon wore black and looked perfect. Most mornings I just tie my hair back and run. I filled out paperwork and was met by a nice stylist who hailed from the south and talked about her husband and children. I liked her, I liked her style, but I did not like the salon itself. I was forced to sit in front of a full length mirror, exposed! The salon was much larger than others I have frequented and was bustling. Sensory overload and anxiety was kicking in, especially as I struggled to avoid eye contact with my reflection. When the stylist was done, my anxiety was still heightened. She was talking to me about products to purchase when someone tugged on the tail of my shirt. I turned to an empty, open space. The stylist asked if I was okay. I smiled and thanked her, walking to the counter. Then it happened a second time! When I whirled around, again, I saw a shampoo bottle on nearby table fall over. No one was in contact with it. No earthquake. No wind gust. Just energy!

After I paid my bill, and got outside, I turned back. A small child was peering out at me. But this child was not really real. I had seen an apparition before. I said a prayer for the spirit and it disappeared. I did make a return appointment. But, I failed to really think about the message. I failed to really consider the whole event and what energy was present and for what reason. 

This morning, the rune reminded me of my failing, so I did surface research and came to find that the particular piece of land, upon which the salon is built, was owned by one of the first settlers of the town. The land, before these settlers, was frequently traversed by Potawatomi tribes and "Moundbuilders" moving between the Great Lakes.  Because the region is full of river ways, small lakes, and streams, Native American trails were numerous. And finally, the town, where the salon is built, earmarked the particular section of land, equivalent to three city blocks worth of land, for archaeological excavation. 

Now, I am truly encouraged, eager for my next trim, to more consciously tune in and better understand what other messages or energies I missed with the first encounter. 


Andrew Peterson

Co Founder, 1265 Se University Apt 208, Waukee, IA 50263