Barnard Park Fremont, NE

Barnard Park is nestled in a quaint suburban neighborhood along a busy street in Fremont, Nebraska. To the average passer by the park looks like any ordinary public space, but if they knew the history and what lies beneath, they might look at it differently.

Going back to the early days of Fremont, the Barnard Park area was used as a camp for pioneers traveling west on the Mormon Trail and where its ghostly history starts. It is said that a little girl had died while staying at the camp and she was buried somewhere on the grounds. She would not be the last person to be buried in the vicinity. 

In the 1800s the plot of land was turned into Green Grove Cemetery and remained active until 1878, when it was decided because of rising populations, that the cemetery should be moved to a less desirable piece of land. The city then constructed Ridge Cemetery west of town and started moving bodies over from Green Grove. The issues that arose was that some of the older graves had not been properly marked and some bodies could not be found, and when the area became a public park, grave sites still remained beneath the park.

One thing that I have learned while researching the paranormal is that unmarked graves and potters fields are prime locations for paranormal activity and it would make sense that leaving the final resting places unacknowledged may lead to some of the ghost stories that we have read about coming from Barnard.

People have witnessed bizarre things while visiting the area. Apparitions are said to walk through the grounds, an apparition of a crying women has been reported, and an apparition of a man is said to be seen laying down on a park bench. People have also felt feelings of sadness and general uneasy feelings. So what could it be?

The park is situated on a busy intersection, and there is no way of completely keeping the area free of contamination from the outside world, so that an investigation would be complicated. Taking consideration for how busy the area can be, it is possible that there can be a level of misidentification, but it is still possible that these apparitions could be the real deal. The area fits the model for ghostly activity, and I wouldn't be surprised if sightings were reported. It sure would be nice to get a Bachelors Grove style photo of that guy on the park bench though, but we can all dream.

So what do you think? Have you experienced anything at Barnard Park? Let us know; we'd love to hear.

Andrew Peterson