Vergas Trails Hairy Man

It's hard to not describe Minnesota as beautiful and mysterious in my head. It's immense forests seem like you have discovered territory that no one has ever stepped foot in.

Cozzied up to Canada the Pine Island State Forest is a good example of vast wilderness that resides here. Minnesota is home to some of the oldest geological formations and not to mention covered in lakes. But lets be honest, everyone knows these things about the gopher state so let's get to why you came here.

Aside from Ohio, I have a feeling that Minnesota is one of the most active locations for the unknown. You have stories of creatures like the Windego, Giant Killer fish (no, seriously), Cryptid Black Cats, Mutant Canines, and what we are here to discuss today, Bigfoot.

The Vergas Trails Hairyman is a tale that has really sparked my interest. The Hairman was also featured on a SyFy Channel program called Haunted Highway. I couldn't help but wonder what it was people have been seeing around Vergas, aside from the worlds largest Loon.

 Fun fact, aside from the Hairy Man, Vergas, MN is also home to the worlds largest Loon. 

Fun fact, aside from the Hairy Man, Vergas, MN is also home to the worlds largest Loon. 

The first thing I would like you to do is go to Google and search for Vergas Trails Minnesota. Then check out the map in satellite view. This area is stunning. It is spotted with lake after lake and thick brush. Its not a bad place for something, or someone, to hide. 

Hopefully, you have returned from your Google adventure. Now it has been interesting to say the least researching the local folklore about the hairyman. I really only scratched the surface of the truth behind the legend, but I found everything from reports of a tall bigfoot like animal, strange remains of a skull, to ghosts, and remember how is said someone… well there is even talk about a well known hermit living in the Vergas Trails area. I said it was interesting right.

It was strange that I wasn’t able to nail down an exact date of when things started. I found that a local newspaper had been given about a dozen or so stories about encounters with a hairy seven to eight foot tall animal with long hair and a foul odor. From what I have been able to narrow down most of the early reports happen in the 60s and 70s, but more research will need to be done to prove that. 

One of my favorite accounts was from a local named, Cheryl Hanson. She described that when she was twelve, she and a cousin were in the area snowmobiling when a tall creature came out of the woods holding a big stick. One element that stood out to me was that she said the animal was barefoot trudging through the snow. I couldn’t imagine wandering around Minnesota in the winter barefoot, but its possible that whatever she saw has adapted to the climate very well. Much like you may think of a Yeti sighting in Nepal. Needless to say she stated that since then she hasn’t liked venturing out at night and even when her and her family have campfires they are all very hesitant to go off into the woods.

These types of sightings seem to be very common place around the midwestern states, and of course, hotspot places like the northwest and upper New York State. Much of the climate is similar in these areas and it does seem to lend some credence to the fact something could be intact in those woods. Now this could be misidentification but just like our article on the Beast of Bray Road these are extreme event in these peoples lives and should not be instantly shunned.

The part of the story that I found most intriguing was the case of a hermit that apparently lived in the Vergas Trails area in a old farmstead. He was said to be aggressive toward people in the area and lived off the land exclusively. He was described to be an unkept man with long hair and was seen wearing animal furs. It is an interesting twist to the story, but it doesn’t match up to the height of the creature that has been reported over the years. 

Now I mentioned something about a skull above. Well, I’ll be honest more research needs to be done on that I’m afraid. Looking at it for the first time I have to say it looks strange but I’m not going to point my finger and scream bigfoot. It does look humanoid but I have to say it… It looks fake. It's my goal to be completely honest in the reports we have on Unknown Midwest.

 This is the skull in question. 

This is the skull in question. 

The community embraces that strange things happen there. They hold an inaugural Vergas Hairyman 5k fun run and walk on October 1st. Vergas is definitely on my list of place to visit and I can’t wait to see the area for myself.

The vast areas of Minnesota are home to amazing stories and folklore which we are just uncovering. I really want to look more into additional stories pertaining to the Hairy Man and the local ghost stories. Look for those in the future.