Home is your safe place. It is your private place. It is your unique space. Home can be shared with loved ones or just a single person. When you are all alone in your home, you tend to have your guard down. But, it doesn’t take much to turn a home into a frightening place if one day, when you are all alone,  something that shouldn't be there suddenly appears.

As a nurse, my girlfriend deals with death on a daily basis. The patients that she cares for are often have long-term stays on her floor and she can create special bonds in these relationships that can last a lifetime. Those who lost family members will often drop by with treats for the nurses to show their gratitude for the care given to their loved ones in their last day, weeks, or months. It is a very special gift that she has been given to care for other before her self. 

The things that I have learned from being around nurses for the last few years is that they witness things that most people would have a hard time understanding. They witness miracles, intense sadness, dark souls, and the last moments of a person's life. I can think of two examples that sum that last bit best. Hours before my grandmother passed she spoke of angels and bright glowing lights above her. We of course couldn't see them, but you can't always blame drugs for these kind of apparitions. The second event that comes to mind are the last words of Steve Jobs, "Wow, oh wow". We can only imagine what he was witnessing! Nurses are a part of these interactions everyday. 

You may be wondering, why did I start this story by having a focus on the importance of your home? Well, over the past six months since moving in with my girlfriend our house has been the stage for strange occurrences. You may hear about paranormal investigators getting spirit attachments, but I have witnessed attachments to my girlfriend from her previous patients. 

TVs and alarms randomly go off in rooms that aren't occupied, or how lights turn off and on with no one around.

My girlfriend and I have been together for seven years now. She has told me stories about creepy parts of the hospital, how TVs and alarms randomly go off in rooms that aren't occupied, or how lights turn off and on with no one around. The normal haunted hospital type of occurrences which honestly I would expect. But when she started telling me stories about shadows and voices in her apartment, I really paid attention!

When we moved in together we decided to reside in her place since she already owned the house almost a year. It wasn't even 24 hours before I witnessed something. While we laid in bed we started hearing foot steps outside our bedroom door. She of course tells me not to worry about it, but when it started again I immediately had to check things out. I opened the door and nothing was there. I walked the house just to verify that no one was intruding. Sure enough, no one was home but us. 

So things go quiet for the night and the next day. She leaves for work and I stay home to work on some projects, but that night would set the stage for what I needed to get accustomed to. 

Now I want to explain something about myself. I love going to haunted locations. I love watching horror films and paranormal reality shows.  I am utterly fascinated with this stuff (hence why this page is a thing), but when you aren't ready for it to happen in the comfort of your own home, it can change one's perspective. 

Now, sitting here, working on research for another project, a loud coughs erupts from the kitchen. It startled me. I then heard footsteps on the tile, like someone was about to round into the living room. I got up quickly and went for the kitchen, but just as before, no one was there. I was extremely stumped by what was occurring and was doing my best to make sense of things. I walked outside to check and make sure that no one was around that could have coughed or been walking loud - nothing. 

Later that night I heard more footsteps. This time I was in bed, but heard the steps again in the kitchen. I shrugged it off. It was only the beginning. 

It was only the beginning.

Two weeks later my girlfriend and I were discussing some recent things that had happened at the hospital and how a patient had passed that had been on her floor for a few months. While we were talking I got up to get something to drink from the kitchen and walked back into our living room. While standing in the living room talking about the patient I felt something touch my right arm. At first, I thought it was a spider web, but it was a much stronger feeling with that web like texture. The hairs on my arm were standing up and it almost felt like the web passed through me. I started to shake my arm thinking it was a spider web, but nothing was there. I was standing in the middle of the room and had walked through this part of the room multiple times already that day. In addition to this nothing was on my arm. 

This was an incredible moment for me. I had never been touched by an unseen force and I would say it was emotional. I remember being dumbfound and my girlfriend couldn't understand why I was shaking and rubbing my arm. I didn't even tell her what had happened, but I think she already knew. 

So at this point I don't think I could imagine things getting any crazier, but they did. While watching TV one morning over the summer we witnessed, for the first time, something I can only describe as a phantom smell but mind you, we are lucky this doesn't happen as much as the other stuff. While laying on the couch opposite to me she started sniffing the air and complaining that something smelled like "GI bleed" and asked me is I could smell anything. I kind of chuckeled and said "No thats just gross, what do you mean?" She told me to come over by her. I still couldn't smell anything. I stood up. It was like I entered a cloud of the most vile smell ever. It reeked of rotting blood and stool, just the smell of death. I'm not going to lie, I about lost my breakfast (sorry to paint that picture) because the smell was incredibly pungent. It was like the smell was only in this small pocket above her. As soon as it arrived, it was gone. Now I know what you are thinking; and, no... she didn't let one rip, and the windows were not open, there was nothing to explain such a smell.

Most of these encounters are ones that I have witnessed myself. Together, the two of us have heard footsteps, heard clear voices, had a trash can decide it wanted to be in the middle of the room and not stay under my desk, and seen shadows, but she keeps a lot of her encounters private. It took a lot for her to even let me write these stories down for you. 

It takes a strong person to do what she does on a daily basis and these men and women who do what she does on a daily basis don't get the recognition they deserve. They take a lot of bad situations and make them livable for people and they are incredibly selfless. I can understand why their work sometimes follows them home. The spirits that have followed her home have all been very kind and good willed from what we can gather. It is almost sad when they finally move on, but as startling as they may be, it's amazing that the work she does touches these people so deeply. 


I plan on updating you with more encounters that we have in the future, but for now, if you know a nurse or anyone who is in the healthcare field, an EMT, paramedic, or firefighter make sure they know how much you appreciate what they do!


Andrew Peterson

Co Founder, 1265 Se University Apt 208, Waukee, IA 50263