In Southeastern Iowa is the small town of Lockridge. Less than 300 people reside there as of the 2000 census. In such a small town you can be sure that a monster will get quickly noticed and that’s just what happened in the Fall of 1975.

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Peiffer had an experience they just can’t forget.

They called it the Lockridge Monster. It appeared in the Peiffer’s turkey farm in October of 1975. The monster was a bushy haired bipedal creature that some witnesses said had the face of an ape. It was said to be a height of 5 feet when standing on its two legs.

The Lockridge Monster terrorized the small community. It would kill and mutilate raccoons, pigs, cows, rabbits, chickens, and turkeys. Raccoons are one thing but when your livestock that you depend on for survival start to be killed nightly then you can be sure that the residents of the town were ready to take up arms.

Most people just chalk this up as being a smaller variant of Bigfoot but normal Bigfoot tracks are twice the size of the tracks from the reports of the Lockridge Monster. Also, Bigfoot do not slaughter animals for pleasure. 

The Lockridge Monster is something different than your normal Bigfoot. It disappeared as quickly as it was seen that Fall of 1975. 

The Peiffers still get calls and interview requests even to this day from all over the globe. The Lockridge Monster may have left the town but it’s become engrained into the minds and memories of the locals and all those that have heard of it.