Trumbull County UFO

In my opinion, Ohio may be the most active paranormal state in the whole of the Midwest. It has a plethora of oddities reported, each stranger than the next! The accounts of Bigfoot-like creatures, ghost stories of Athens, neighbors to Point Pleasant home of the Mothman, the Bellaire House, ancient mounds legends, and UFO encounters. We haven’t done a UFO case to date, so we reached out to “Somewhere in the Skies” author, Ryan Sprague, for a suggestion. Of course, he immediately suggested an incident that took place in Ohio.

The event took place in Trumbull County, Ohio on the night of 14 December 1994. Police dispatcher, Roy Ann Randolph, was in for a long night. She was receiving frantic calls from residences north of Youngstown, Ohio. She didn’t bat an eye at the calls thinking they were the usual late night drunk calls, but after the calls became more consistent and more persistent, she had no choice but to have a deputy investigate what people had been seeing.

Insert Sergeant Tobey Meloro. Meloro was requested to investigate the claims of lights in the sky to put the rumors to rest. When he arrived on scene at Sampson Drive (the area where the lights had been reported), he also encountered the lights. Meloro radioed back reporting that he had verified that lights and wanted to get a better look.
What happened next is something straight out of the mind of Chris Carter.

While driving up on the light his patrol car suddenly, and without reason, lost power. The CB Radio also failed, and he was unable to report back what he was witnessing. Meloro witnessed the light take shape into a massive circular craft. He estimated its size was equivalent to a football field wide with a bright glowing light in the center.
The craft moved away slowly and Meloro squad car regained power. He then called Randolph to report the incident. When he gathered himself, he decided to follow the craft as best he could. He and fellow officers, along with Randolph, who hitched a ride from another local officer, followed the craft eastward. After hours of following the light and crossing over the Pennsylvania border, the craft took off at tremendous speed!

So what was the thing? Randolph had the foresight to contact the FAA soon after the lights had been spotted. The FAA reported no aircraft on their radar. NASA was even contacted for consultation, but no answer was given, again. As for military involvement, there are two military instillations in the Trumbull County: 1) Ravenna Arsenal, a training site for the Ohio National Guard; and, 2) Youngstown Air Reserve Station. One would think that with the proximity of these locations that the town's citizens would be familiar with military air traffic and vehicle types. The explanation that had been given for the incident were the normal swamp gas variety. It could have been a star or a meteor, but that doesn’t explain the craft's slow movement, nor escalation to extreme speeds. So these explanations don’t hold water.

For all the people out there yelling at your computers saying, “well write to Patterson AFB is in Ohio, what if it was a top secret reverse engineered craft?” that has been done. No one has an explanation for the encounter to this day. I’ll let you decide what you want to believe.
For now, if you are ever in Ohio, carry a good camera and be on alert, because you never know if you may run into the Minerva Monster or a Grey Alien.

Andrew Peterson