Growing up in Sioux City I always feared to go to KD Station, but it turns out that there was a haunted piece of land closer to home than I thought. In the Morningside neighborhood, up a rough set of steps and a steep climb resides a memorial to the First Bride of Sioux City. The site over the years has been host to plenty of ghost stories and mysterious happenings.

The monument was built in 1932 to commemorate the first bride of a Non-Native American in the Sioux City area, Rosalie Menard Leonais. Her family moved to the area and built a cabin close to the Perry Creek area in 1852. She soon married a French Canadian fur trapper Joseph Leonais in 1853. Joesph and Rosalie owned a farm near the Floyd River and had four children before her death shortly after having their 4th child. She was 27 years old.

Over the years the monument has been host to some strange and tragic events. One of the more tragic event that we found was that case of a young boy was crushed to death by the stone while presumably play around the monument. This caused the city to fence in the structure and the story goes that if you reach into trying to touch the stone that an unseen force will push you back and will throw you off the adjacent hill side. I was recently to this site and didn't feel like testing this.

Aside from unseen forces, people have said to have seen orbs of light in the forest and a young women in period dress pacing around the memorial. People have also reported hearing phantom voices, footsteps, and unexplained cold spots. 

It was a great experience heading up to the monument last weekend, and it was a great hike. Anyone who heads to Sioux City looking for a bit of an adventure should put this location on their to do list, but be prepared for an uphill journey and please be careful on the steps that lead up the hill. 

Andrew Peterson