While watching old episodes of Sightings, yes Sightings the TV paranormal show from the 90s, I learned about a photo taken by Al Denninger while on a fishing excursion in Chippewa Flowage. It peaked my interest, and I thought I would bring this incident into the 2000s. 

As the story goes, Al and a friend were enjoying their day on the water. While waiting for a bite on their lines, the friend was shocked to look out over the water and see what can only be described as a ghost floating out of the tree line over the water. Quickly thinking, he pulled out a Polaroid camera and was able to get a snap of the anomaly. While reading about the incident he stated that he wished he would have pulled out his 35mm camera and gotten some film of the entity floating back to the tree line, but the photo is a great capture.

The photo, seen above, definitely shows something white and transparent hovering right over the water. Now some may say it's fog or a bug that's causing this abnormality on the image but one thing can be sure of, it wasn't faked. Experts have taken a look at the picture and stated that no tampering was done and that it looks authentic. 

Locals in the area and properties owners near the water have had similar reports of encounters with ghostly sightings but remained skeptical of the claims until the photo surfaced. The area of Ghost Island has been said to be home to a Native American burial ground, but nothing can be substantiated. It is a possibility considering the history of the area and the secrecy that surrounds Native American sacred locations. 

The encounter is yet another local tales that could have been forgotten but thanks to my journey into some past pop culture I was able to learn about Al Denninger experience and his incredible photo. The photo, of course, is an unexplained incident but what do you think this picture shows? A spirit, fog, a bug? I included the Sightings episode below, skip to minute 19 to watch the segment on Ghost Island.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any other local stories or sightings we should be aware of, drop us a comment on Facebook or by email. We would love to hear what you have to share.

Skip to minute 19 for the Ghost Island Portion

Andrew Peterson