Loveland Frogman

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Leave it to Ohio to continue to lead us down a path of weird and strange cryptic encounters. This one we aren't as sure of but we can't talk about the unknown and strange without bringing up the Loveland Frogman.

The original story has a few versions, but in the 1950s a business man had an encounter with three creatures that he described as human like, standing 3 to 4 feet tall with bumpy blue-green leathery skin, and the eyes and mouth were rather large, much like a frogs head. The story goes that he was driving in the early morning and came upon these creatures that seemed to be having a conversation on the Branch Hill Bridge. He also noticed that each of the creatures were holding an object that was emitting sparks. He didn't stay long to observe any further details and tore off in the opposite direction, who could blame him.

There are also two other well-known encounters of creatures that match the description above. These two stories came from two police officers, Ray Shockey and his partner Mark Mathews. The two officers reported an encounter in March of 1972 while on an evening patrol. They stated that while patrolling Twightwee Road, they came across what they initially thought was a dead or injured animal on the side of the road. While they approached the animal, it suddenly jumped up from its crouched position and bound across the road and vanished into the night. Illuminated by the car's headlights, they described that the creature was 4 to 5 feet tall, had the same green leathery skin, and a frog like head with no noise.

This wouldn't be that last they would see of the creature. Less than a month later Mathews had a second encounter with the creature that was much like the incident above. He came across what he thought was a dead animal and pulled his squad car along side. This time the creature stood up and started to approach the vehicle. Mathews stated that he exited the car, pulled his gun and shot at the unknown creature. The creature was able to escape stepping over the nearby guard rail and disappearing into the neighboring river.

Later Mathews and Shockley were made a mockery of and they recounting their stories claiming they made them up. It's hard to say if they were made up or they just simply were tired of being called crazy. It seems very unlikely for a police officer to tell a story like this knowing full well the repercussions that it may have. It's much like a pilot claiming they have seen a UFO. I'll let you be the judge of these stories, but only they know the truth. 

The Frogman story didn't die there though. In 2016 the rise of Pokemon Go took the nation by storm and with that popularity came some odd footage. While trying to hunt down Pokemon near Lake Isabella, a teenage boy capture video of what he says is the Frogman. He stated that while taking photos, this creature stood up on its hind legs and just stared at him.

It is hard to judge depth in the video, and it is bizarre, but it leaves more questions than answers. It could just be another nocturnal animal or even just another hoax. This legend is so ingrained in the mythos that is Ohio, and I cannot positively say that this is not another hoax. The creature does not blink or move for that matter. It brings up memories of the infamous Surgeons Photo of Loch Ness.

Personally, growing up in South Carolina I had always heard stories of the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, and they were fun campfire stories, nothing more. There is always the possibility of incredible creatures, new species are found every day, and the study of cryptozoology is only getting more popular, but for now, creatures like the Lizard Man and Frogman are nothing more than stories.


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Andrew Peterson