Farrar School House

A schoolhouse may not seem very harmful or even very scary, but if you have ever stepped foot into the Farrar School House in Maxwell, Iowa, you may be in for a shocking surprise.

Only 20 minutes out of Des Moines, Iowa, the school house opened in 1922 and was a fully operating school until 2002. Over its long history, nothing eventful happened. No deaths have been reported, and I have been unable to uncover any tragedy that would explain the haunting of this building. There is a theory that a local cemetery next to the school house may have some connection to the haunting but that does not account for the sightings of children in the building.

It is possible that this was a comforting area for the students and local townsfolk, but possibly there is a more sinister side. In 2012, the TV show Ghost Stalkers investigated the school and witnessed the power that school holds. During the investigation, two investigators were witness to many unexplained sounds and bangs, but that culminated in one investigator seeing an image that was engrained in his mind. What he saw, and later sketched, was a large black shadow holding a smaller shadow. The image he sketched shows a man holding a child. He explained that he thinks he witnessed a guardian spirit of sorts guiding another spirit. Whatever he saw it sparked my interest in the lonely school house.

The sighting that has taken place here have been of playful children but also of a darker spirit that some call the "Principal." The Principal has been described as a tall shadow figure, and in one occurrence he was said to have glowing red eyes. This entity has also been known to inflict physical harm. One local investigator was push up against a wall and another being pushed 6 feet across a room.

These recorded events from seasoned investigators seem to open up more questions than answers. Why is the building omitting such a negative vibe and why are child spirits calling this place home. My friends that have visited the building have said that it just has a weird vibe and they did not feel comfortable alone. This could be due to the sheer folklore about the building being haunted, but it's hard to say.

With this location being so close to home we plan on investigating this location and reaching out to its current owner...

If you have any knowledge on the building or if you have had an encounter at this location, please let us know. We would love to hear your thoughts.